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Individual tax preparation

No matter your tax situation we can help…we’ve seen virtually everything in our 40 years. Whether you are from Brooklyn, or thousands of miles away, we can assist you with your tax needs—a seamless experience, from start to finish. To inaugurate our relationship we’ll agree on a date for an introductory call (or email exchange if you prefer). Our objective will be to learn more about your situation and ensure we’re equipped with all the tools and knowledge appropriate for your tax needs. While preparing your return, we’ll always be available for any questions you have. Every return is double checked for accuracy before we walk you through the results and answer any additional questions. Once you sign-off on the return we will go ahead and file your return electronically on your behalf.


Self-employed individuals

As a self-employed individual, you are required to file an annual return and generally have to pay estimated taxes quarterly. In addition to income tax, self-employed individuals must pay the self-employment tax which is a tax consisting of Social Security and Medicare taxes. We can help you navigate these more complex tax waters, advising you every step of the way - from analyzing allowable expenses, maximizing retirement contributions, minimizing UBT and everything in-between. Whether you’re doing some independent contractor work on the side or chasing your dreams full-time, we will work to get you the best tax result possible.

Ridesharing app tax preparation

Do you drive for a rideshare app, like Uber or Lyft? We can help you navigate the complex tax landscape and minimize your tax bill. From analyzing your vehicle expenses to tracking your miles, we will work with you to get you every deduction and save every tax dollar you’re entitled to. Call us today to learn more!



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Expat Tax Preparation

Whether you’re already an expat or you’re planning a move abroad, you have more to think about than just adjusting to a new culture. Every U.S. citizen—whether or not he or she is living in the U.S.—must file a federal tax return. The tax situation for expatriates is often complicated and frustrating. Many variables affect how much you have to send in—including any foreign taxes you paid, your employment situation, and your host country. We can walk you through all the variables as they apply to you and work with you to minimize your tax bill. Our easy-to-use client portal allows you to upload your necessary documents online from anywhere, without the hassle of printing or relying on “snail mail.”


Employee stock and option grants

Granting equity can be a great way for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike (and companies of any size in the middle) to reward employees. These forms of compensation can be very lucrative for their recipients, but it’s extremely important to understand not only the specific type of equity or equity option you’ve been granted, but also the various tax implications for each type. It’s a daunting landscape: Whether you’re dealing with restricted stock, an incentive stock options (ISO), a non-qualified stock option (NSO), or something else you need to understand the security and the tax considerations that come with it .

Ignoring the tax implications of your equity award can be a grave mistake, resulting in potentially large and unexpected tax bills at the worst times. With stock options, a variety of taxes can come into play—including income tax, capital-gains tax, the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), and net investment tax.

This is why it’s critical for you to speak with a tax advisor before exercising an option or selling an employer’s stock. We have a long history of helping founders, tech-sector and long-tenured professionals alike with the tax planning issues that come with these forms equity compensation, changes in employee benefits and concentrated stock positions.