Privacy Policy & Disclaimers

Last Updated: September 1, 2019

Gerstein Tax Service, LLC (“we”, “us”, “our” or “Gerstein Tax Service”) is committed to using safeguards that protect our clients information from data theft. We will store your information electronically and employ commercially available safeguards to maintain the confidentiality of your information. In the event that we learn that, despite these efforts, a data breach has occurred that may have allowed access to your information, we will notify you promptly. To further protect your identity, you can also take steps to stop thieves. IRS Publication 4524 outlines simple steps that help you keep your computer secure, avoid phishing and malware, and protect your personal information.

There can be no assurance that any portion of the content, made reference to directly or indirectly on this website will be suitable for your individual situation, or prove successful. Due to various factors, including changing applicable laws, the content may no longer be reflective of current opinions or positions. Moreover, you should not assume that any discussion or information contained in this newsletter serves as the receipt of, or a substitute for, personalized advice from Gerstein Tax Service. Please remember to contact Gerstein Tax Service, in writing, if there are any changes in your personal/financial situation for the purpose of reviewing/evaluating/revising our previous recommendations and/or services. Gerstein Tax Service is neither a law firm, nor an investment advisory firm, and no portion of the newsletter content should be construed as legal or investment advice.

We will not provide you with tax advice unrelated to preparing the specific income tax returns you have asked us to prepare, unless you specifically request us and we agree in writing to do so. Further, you agree that we will not be responsible for any tax advice unrelated to the tax returns we are preparing for you unless we have had an opportunity to fully research and consider the issues, and then provide you the tax advice in writing.