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Trusts and Estates

Many people think estate planning is only for the extremely wealthy, since the estate-tax exemption is currently so large. But doing nothing can be a big mistake. The federal exemption may revert to an earlier, much-lower ceiling. State estate taxes may apply, with exemptions cut off at lower thresholds. 

As important, regardless of the estate tax, estate and trust planning is a must for anyone with assets (big or small) that they would like to pass down to their beneficiaries without being hit with a significant tax bill. From charitable lead trusts (CLTs), charitable remainder trusts (CRTs),  grantor-retained annuity trusts (GRATs), marital trusts, “intentionally defective” trusts, and everything in-between we can help you through the wonderland of trusts, each with its own tax implications. 

Trying to find your way unaided in this landscape is highly hazardous to your financial health. Contact us today so we can start setting up your family for the future—the way you and they wish to. 


gift tax

Like estate-planning, gifting can be very complicated, with its yearly and lifetime exclusions from taxation. We can clear up the confusion and help put a plan in place to ensure that your gifting is efficient and tax-advantageous. Whether it’s advising on the best way to gift or preparing a gift-tax return, we can help.

Both estate-planning and gifting are lifestyle decisions that can be fraught with emotion. We can’t tell you what to do or not to do, but we can spell out the financial and tax consequences of taking various alternative paths—and we strive to understand our clients well enough to offer personal counsel, if asked. 

One more thing: We’re happy to work with our clients’ other financial advisors, as well as their attorneys. We do it all the time.


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